Season Upon Us!!

This is the time of year to reserve your slot for lawn care. We offer a variety of services and also use a great weed control/fertilization company for your weed control needs. Call today for a one time service or to reserve your slot for our great lawn service. We are a Christian owned and operated company that strives to keep our customers satisfied at all times. We are a small company so we can focus on our most valued customers with dependable, reliable and great service. This is the best time to cut back your hedges and shrubs to get them back to the size you desire. They will bounce back beautifully in the coming months! Call today!!!

Customer Feedback


At Lamb’s Lawn Service we welcome your feedback!! Please go to the “contact ” page, send me an email to the address provided and I will paste your comments into the “testimonial” page. This is necessary to protect from internet predators that desire to post ads and various negative comments to any and every site they can. Rest assured your comments whether positive or negative will be posted and responded to.

Also please view the “Before and After Photo” page for recent transformations we have performed!  You can also like us on facebook and Angie’s List!! Please feel free to post comments and potential projects for us to bid on.

Thanks for your business!!!

It’s time to fertilize your lawn!

Now is the time to fertilize your lawn.  A soil test is essential for finding out what your lawn actually needs.  Without one you could be over feeding your lawn and flushing money down the drain. Not to mention you can be putting unneeded fertilizer in our water supply.

We are fertilizer specialists and licensed by the GA Dept. of Ag to apply weed/pest control to your lawn. Some lawn services are not so be sure to ask for their license documents. They also must have a
“contractor’s license” for them to be able to charge you to apply pesticides. It is important that you ask for this document also. You can look for their and our credentials on the GA Dept of Ag website.

Call us today for a soil test and a free estimate for all of your lawns needs!




Call us today for a

Time to Fertilize!

lawn_fertilizerWith the growing season in full swing it is time to fertilize your lawn. Remember unless you have winter turf grass (ex. fescue) this is the last feeding for the year. Do not fertilize in the fall or winter, you will only feed the winter weeds. Also September is when pre emergent should be applied to stop the winter weeds. We can take care of all of this for you so you can enjoy the rest of your summer and your lawn. Call us today for a completely free estimate!!


web13Welcome to the Lamb’s Lawn Service website! We are very excited to be able to offer this service to current and potential clients alike. Please check back often for specials, promotions and before and after photos of transformations we have performed.

We offer a variety of services and all are a click away from you viewing them. So please look around and let us know if we may be of assistance in any way.

I promise you WE WILL BEAT ANY LICENSED AND INSURED COMPETITOR’S PRICE! So before you sign a contract or accept an offer let us have a chance to beat it and show you the great work we do. Our return clients speak for themselves!!




Reserve your slot now!!

web15Now is the time to reserve your slot for Spring/Summer Season. Just simply call us for a totally free estimate. We offer a professional lawn service with available weed and pest control, hedge maintenance and fertilization. We are fully licensed and insured. With over 10 years of experience and countless hours of training by the UGA green team.

A licensed commercial pesticide specialist is on staff. Slots are filling up quickly since there is limited space on our schedule. Call today so you can have a lush and beautifully manicured lawn this Spring/Summer. Why do the work when we will do it for a very, very affordable price. Lawn service begins as low as $30 per cut for small lawns. All other maintenance is performed at an additional low cost.

Call David Lamb today!!


September is pre-emergent time

Mid September thru mid October is the time to apply your pre-emergent to push back your winter weeds before they start.  We can apply this for you at a price that you can afford! Call us today for a free quote!


The New Season is Here!! Ready or Not!!

The new lawn season is upon us! Now is the time for preemergent weed control and soil tests! For the weeds that are already up, we can control them as well. We offer lawn care at a price anyone can afford by a professional company with over 10 years of experience. We are licensed by the Georgia Dept of Ag to apply and charge for weed control, not every company is. We have insurance to protect you and me from whatever may happen in any instance. Again, not every company has this insurance. We do all this at a very affordable price and we do it with quantity of customers. Call today to reserve your slot for the upcoming season and to get a free estimate. The weed control needs to be applied ASAP so call today and we can do that now! Fertilization is applied according to soil test results that I will incur the cost of if you use our services! Our lawn service cutting starts at $30 per cut and $60 per month and this includes cut, trim, and edge all hard surfaces. The weed control has a separate cost depending on lawn size and this applies to all services. We are also trained in hedge trimming with many hours of training. We will take great care of you, just give us a chance to show you!! Fertilization Experts

Winter cleanup

Now is the time to call for our winter cleanup specials. We clean up left over leaves, trim hedges/crape myrtles/small trees and assess your weed control needs. We also can install pine straw/mulch. This is a great time to get an estimate for spring/summer maintenance. We are extremely affordable and knowledgeable. Licensed and insured! Don’t be fooled by those that say they are. My licenses are available upon request as well as, references. Call today! Slots are filling up for the Spring! It is a slow time for us so we can focus more on the little things that most companies don’t have time for. Whether you are a commercial or residential customer we are ready and willing to serve YOUR needs! 770-570-9720

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